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How Do The Awards Work?

1. Submit an image or video via our website

Please see terms & Conditions for image criteria

Your image will be published on the social platform of your choice

2. Get Votes

Once published, voting can begin

How do people vote?

Voters must do 2 things:

Like to vote

Each voter must like your post

Comment a review

Each voter must give a reason for voting by laving a review in the comments of your post

We want to hear what your clients, family & friends have to say about you!

And wouldn’t you too?

3. Finalist Stage

The finalists (top in votes) will be sent to a panel of judges for scoring

This unique voting method is designed to boost your self confidence, your business and of course, your socials

It is essential that all finalists attend the ceremonies to accept their winnings

Ceremony Dates:

May 2024 (Date to be confimed)

We are taking early entries. Please enter here



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