Business Man Of The Year

If you enter more than one category, this will all be combined on one post. So your voters only have to vote in one place. There is a £30 entry fee

Why Enter?
These awards recognises those challenging traditional industry and business practices, building a successful business through this disruptive activity, and acting as a champion for the economy.

After 2020, industries have fought hard to upgrade their businesses and improve for their customers. Now 2022 is upon us, we are struggling with the new change in business.

The judges are looking for:

Consistent, profitable growth
Scalability of business
Examples of building brand awareness
Examples of quality customer engagement

Each of these categories recognises the strengths, pressures, and out of the box thinking that you have to do behind the scenes.
How to enter:
1. Upload 1 image of either:
2. Fill in the below form
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