Cultural Stylist Of The Year

Why Enter?
This special award in celebration of Cultural Style Week and cultural diversity in hair and beauty, is an opportunity for you to share and gain recognition for your innovative cultural hair and beauty designs.
The judges are looking for:
• Culturally inspired hair and beauty styles
• Innovative approaches to traditional hair and beauty
• Engaging and celebratory cultural content
How to enter:
1. Upload 1 image
2. Fill in the below form
3. Submit your entry and wait for it to be published on socials.
If you enter more than one category, this will all be combined on one post. The reason for this is because your voters only have to vote in one place.

Once published, you will receive a DM asking you to accept collaboration, If you review and accept, this will go on both our grid on Instagram and your own grid.
You can remove collaboration at any time