How To Encourage More Votes

So your nomination is live! This is great news, now the fun begins

Now time for the voting to start rolling in. You can sit back and let it happen for you, or you can help it get extra votes. Here is a list of ways to get some extra votes

A good way to get local votes and local recognition is to get your local Facebook group or local businesses to share your post or your local newspaper to do a press release. Local radio stations are also a great way to advertise

Getting votes on these pages: (Please always remember, each platform has a limit on how many actions you can take)






Share post to stories:

  • Select the little white arrow, on the bottom left of the post
  • Select add to stories
  • Here you can add text, mentions, hashtags and all sorts of graphics
  • Send to
  • Your story

Face to cam on stories:

Instagram loves seeing faces and will promote these posts more. Talking to your camera you can ask people to vote for you and even add a link to the story, direct to your post. Don’t forget to use hashtags in stories, this will rank your stories higher.


You can screenshot the post and repost it to your grid asking people to visit your post and vote. You can add the link to your BIO so they can quick click direct to your post (Adding link to BIO instructions are below)

Tagging in comments:

In the comments of your post, you can tag all sorts of people to help get votes. Here’s some examples of people you can tag. Not only will this encourage more votes, but recognition, ranking and engagement on your post. So it shown be shown more

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Customers/clients
  • Brands & products you used
  • Companies involved (such as the salon, building, place)
  • Anyone else who would give you a vote

Sending post as a direct message:

You can send this post directly to all your followers

  • Click the little white arrow at the bottom left of the post
  • Tick all to send it too (remembering, 50 actions per hour)
  • Write a message (on top of the ‘send’ button)
  • You could write “Hi there, Please could you take a minute to vote for me by liking this post”
  • Send

Sharing the post link:

There is a direct link to your nomination

  • On your nomination post
  • Click the 3 dots in the top right corner
  • Copy link

This link is now copied. You can paste this link anywhere you want. Anyone who clicks on the link, will go directly to the post. Places you can paste the link are

  • In your BIO
  • Stories
  • Facebook & Twitter
  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • Posts (Instagram do not allow links to be posted, but you can advertise in a post and write “link in BIO” )


You can add all sorts into your BIO

  • Link to your post
  • SMHBA Nominee
  • I’m In SHMBA Awards
  • Vote for me here
  • I’m nominated for 3 awards!

Adding hashtags:

Adding extra hashtags in the comments to your post can boost it and get seen more. You can only use 30 hashtags at one time


Reels currently are taking over all the algorithm of instagram. They are being shown first on the feeds and in explore and are the most top ranking thing to do on instagram.

What are Reels? Reels are short videos between 15-30 seconds long.

There’s heaps of ways you can make a short video through your device. There are video making apps, or your general settings in your phone. Here are a couple ideas for reels

  • Slide show of you nomination posts with some graphics and text
  • A screen recording on how to vote for you
  • A face to cam video recording, talking about the awards you been nominated for and how to vote. And thanking everyone for all their support


Going live on Instagram is high ranking, especially when you go face to cam. Instagram loves seeing faces and will promote these posts more. Going live you can see who is online at that time and communicate live while they are voting. “Thank you Sarah, i really appreciate that, Love you heaps” Your customers and friends will love the live interaction

If face to cam isn’t your thing, you could go live whilst pointing your camera at another device showing your nominations telling them how they can vote


Sharing post to wall, groups and pages:

You can share your post to your profile and Facebook wall

  • Click share from your post
  • Write post
  • Write a little something, example; “Please click image and like to vote for me”
  • Post

You can also share to friends timelines, groups and pages. Simply follow above steps but before you ‘post’ select the top of the screen where it says “tap to change”

Sharing post to messenger:

  • Share
  • Messenger
  • Write a little message like “please could you like this post to vote for me”
  • Select who you would like to send it too
  • Send

You can do this process for what’s app, email, and other platforms you use

Facebook Stories:

If you have a Facebook page

  • Share
  • Share to pages stories

You can share anything to Facebook stories. Simply go to the Facebook feed

  • Create Story
  • Select image
  • Add text and write “please vote for me on @smhbaltd” to link the page
  • Done
  • You can add graphics and other text too
  • Share to story

Add to your Facebook BIO:

  • On your post, click share
  • Copy link
  • Go to facebook profile
  • Edit details
  • Add to your BIO with a little message
  • Save

Sharing Facebook Link:

You can share the facebook link in text messages, email and other ways of messaging

  • On your post, click share
  • Copy link
  • Paste anywhere you would like to share

Facebook Live:

Going live on Facebook is a very popular way of being shown more in the feed. You could do face to cam which social media loves or make some other video telling them your in the awards and how to vote

Facebook Posts & Videos:

Simply post your image or make a video and post to your wall. You can add in the link to your post also or even just post the link asking people to give you a like to vote for you.


You can search us on twitter SMHBALTD


  • On your post, Click the rotating arrows button
  • Retweet

Sharing Twitter Links:

On your post, click the arrow up button on the bottom right corner. From here you can send

  • direct via direct message
  • Share in a fleet
  • Share via what’s app
  • Share via messenger and many more platforms
  • Or you can copy link and share that way.


You can share the links to your posts via email. not only is this great for marketing, but you can make a professional email with all 3 links and gain votes on all 3 platforms and send this to all your customer list

To copy links on Facebook:

  • Share
  • Copy link

To copy links on Instagram:

  • Click the 3 dots on top right
  • Copy link

To copy links on Twitter:

  • Click the arrow in the bottom right corner
  • Copy link

In your email. you can add your images, screen shots and a message to say thank you to everyone for their support